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Planning Perspectives

Fritz Schumacher – Neglected German town planner and urban reformer in Hamburg and Cologne

Dirk Schubert veröffentlichte einen Artikel im Journal „Planning Perspectives

„Fritz Schumacher (1869-1947), German town planner and reformer, is often mentioned as a ‘conservative modernist’ or as an ‘unmodern architect’ and neglected in the works on the origins of modern housing and urban development. Schumacher was a visionary and pragmatic, a reformer and a realist at the same time. Schumacher’s oeuvre and its full impact are not specific to Hamburg, but are integrated into the regional, national and international discourse on the reform of the metropolis. His ideas, his concepts for reform, his methods and his ability to ensure that the plans are implemented promptly, are current and forward-looking. The breadth of his work in Hamburg and Cologne is outlined in this contribution.“

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